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Make Time to Change

Hillel said: Say not: When I have time I will study because you may never have the time. (Pirkei Avot 2:5)\

Many people believe that the word Mitzvah means good deed.  In fact it means commandment.  However, I would like to offer that the mitzvot are not commandments but rather are individual indicators of what we are capable of doing and being. 

When the Torah tells us not to lie, or steal, or to honor our mother and father, it is not merely prohibiting negative action.  It is really saying: 

I understand what it is to be human.  I understand how hard it is to believe that you can be something more than what you are right now.  However, know that I, God, believe in you.  Maybe you are a liar, but I know you have it in you not to lie.  You have the ability to rise up to the challenge and be a better you.

If we view mitzvot through this lens then we can understand that it is not just us who believe in God, but God who believes in us.  It is hard to change ourselves, but it is possible.  As Hillel taught, do not put off performing the mitzvot (or making the time to improve yourself) because you may never have the time.  We are capable of change we just need to make the time now.

Wed, October 16 2019 17 Tishrei 5780