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Our Outreach Committee offers a variety of programs to address the challenges that face interfaith families. We want to support the growing number of Temple families in interfaith marriages, those who are Jews by Choice, or have children who have intermarried. Outreach is a program developed and supported by the Union for Reform Judaism which provides congregations with innovative resources to help individuals, interfaith couples and families, particularly the non-Jewish partner, feel more comfortable in a Reform setting.

Our Outreach Committee’s goal is to help strengthen our congregation by ensuring all our families feel a welcomed part of our Temple community and support them in making Jewish choices. We actively welcome interfaith families at Temple Beth David and encourage their participation in our synagogue.

Food Policy

Our food policy, approved by the Temple board as of April 2015, is outlined here:

  • No pork or shellfish will be brought onto temple premises and no pork or shellfish should be served at any synagogue sponsored events held on or off premises.
  • No obvious mixing of milk and meat will be allowed in any course of a meal. Meat/poultry may be served separately, before or after a dairy course during a meal, but each course should be fully cleared from the serving area before the next course is brought out.
  • A vegetarian entrée should be served at every temple-sponsored function. For a meat/poultry meal, this vegetarian option should be non-dairy.
  • In addition to any dairy desserts, a non-dairy alternative should be provided for dessert whenever a meat meal is served (e.g. fruit, non-dairy creamer).
  • A permanent committee (including Trustees) should be available to answer questions about the policy.
  • Healthy alternatives (fruit and/or vegetables) should be encouraged for onegs in support of our Temple Beth David Food Policy and in cooperation with Sisterhood.


If you have questions about the above policy, please call the Temple Beth David office (203) 272-0037 or contact a Temple Beth David Trustee. The Temple office can provide you with contact information.

Sun, April 11 2021 29 Nisan 5781