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 Board of Directors

  • President, Chris Shafer
  • 1st Vice President, Kathy Kreschevsky
  • 2nd Vice President, Harold Kramer
  • Recording Secretary, Cindi Williams
  • Corresponding Secretary, Ira Caplan
  • Treasurer, Lynn Landau
  • Immediate Past President, Kim Math
  • Financial Secretary, Deb Gaudette
  • Trustee, Ann Curiale
  • Trustee, Ruth Ratner
  • Trustee, Mindy Fricke
  • Membership, Elyse Krantz
  • Sisterhood President, Gab Tougas
  • Brotherhood President, Larry Segal
  • Ritual, Ed Rosenblatt
  • High Holy Day Ritual, Larry Segal
  • Advertising and Public Relations, Sally Laden
  • Social Action, Sue Cohen and Liz Markman
  • Finance and Budget Chair, Larry Segal
  • Building and Grounds, Sam Ratner

Temple board meetings are open to all Temple members. Please see the monthly calendar for a schedule of meetings. Board meeting minutes are available here.

From Our President

My wife Sarah and I joined Temple Beth David nearly 20 years ago, and it’s been such a meaningful part of our lives. We've watched our three teenagers grow up in the temple: from baby namings and religious school to B'nai Mitzvahs and teen activities. TBD has played an important role in helping shape their characters, and it’s been a wonderful place for Sarah and me to make friends and connect with our Jewish selves.

It is the community here that makes Temple Beth David what we are today. Two-hundred families strong, we have fostered relationships among our members that embrace the tenets of our faith. The truest testament to this is the fact that our largest committee is our Caring Community Committee, the one that reaches out to our congregants in times of need.

During my time as president I hope I can help continue to foster what we've enjoyed so much, the welcome we've had, and the opportunities to learn and grow. Over the years I’ve seen many other new families join our community, each bringing their own ideas that make the place so much richer. I hope you will consider adding your voice as well.

Chris Shafer

Past Presidents

2016-2018 Kim Math
2014-2016 Don Altschuler
2012-2014 Debbie Gaudette
2010-2012 Mindy Fricke
2008-2010 Jodi Harris
2006-2008 Gerry Barker
2004-2006 Sam Brown
2002-2004 Michael Laden
2000-2002 Larry Tannenbaum
1998-2000 Ellen Levada
1997-1998 Marty Cobern
1996-1997 Barry Pinkus
1994-1996 Ken Kurz
1992-1994 Natan Bauman
1990-1992 Barry Kelmachter
1988-1990 Andy Kampf
1986-1988 Marty Cobern
1984-1986 Brett Gerstenhaber
1982-1984 Jerrold Lehrman
1980-1982 Honey Zeiger
1978-1980 Murray Gallant
1976-1978 Robert Zeidman
1975-1976 David Sommer
1974-1975 Jay Charkow
1972-1974 Myron Smith
1970-1972 Murray Gallant
1968-1970 Dick Fiske

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