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2022-23 Religous School Form


Thank you for enrolling your child(ren) in the Temple Beth David Religious School. (Please note that if you want to set up a payment plan or pay using a payment method linked to your account, you will need to log in before filling out this form.)

Adult Member Information

Religious School Registration

2022-23 School Tuition and Fees: 

  • Pre-K/K - $485
  • 1st Grade - $570
  • 2nd Grade - $635
  • 3rd Grade - $760
  • 4th Grade - $845 
  • 5th Grade - $875 + B'nai Mitzvah Assessment of $150
  • 6th Grade - $915 + B'nai Mitzvah Assessment of $250
  • 7th Grade - $1095 + B'nai Mitzvah Assessment of $250

In the text box(es) below, please note if your child(ren) receive(s) any education services, such as IEP, Adaptive Equipment, Special Education, Outside Tutoring, Physical / Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Resource, Gifted/Talented, etc.


In the text box(es) below, please note if your child(ren) is/are diagnosed as having, or is being assessed for any of the following: ADHD, Anxiety, Autism  Spectrum Disorder, Conduct/Oppositional Disorder, Developmental/Cognitive Delay, Depression, Emotional/Behavioral Disorder, Hearing Disorder, Learning Disability, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Speech/Language Disability, Physical Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Tourette Syndrome, Visual Impairment, Other.
Please enter one or more names of people you authorize to pick up your child(ren) after school.

Please list two people who we may contact in the event we are unable to reach a parent in an emergency.

e.g. grandparent, aunt, family friend, etc.
e.g. grandparent, aunt, family friend, etc.

Total Religious School Tuition


On the next page you will be presented with payment options.

You may make your payment by ACH/eCheck, credit card, or choose to have it billed to your account so that you may make other arrangements, such as paying by check.

If you choose to pay by ACH/eCheck or credit card, you may also specify if you wish to pay in full via a single payment, or via 2-10 monthly installments, right on the payment page. If you choose to pay now via a single payment, your account will be charged on 07/01/2022 or the date you made your payment, whichever is later.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We strongly encourage you to select either ACH/eCheck or a credit card for your payments. By using one of these methods it improves the temple's ability to serve our members and reduces manual input.  

If you wish to pay using a check or will be transferring stock, on the next page please select Pay this amount [Once Now], then select the default payment method Bill To My Account. (You must be logged in to see this option so the system knows which account to bill. Bill to My Account will be the default payment method and shaded as shown below if you are logged in.) Even though you are required to select [Once Now], you can submit payments as you wish (monthly, quarterly, etc.).  

Please click the 'Save and Continue' button below.

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782