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From Rabbi Micah

03/27/2020 01:25:40 PM


At the beginning of the coronavirus I posted the following message on Facebook. For those of you who missed it, I thought I would post it here so that you could all see the message. I think the words are just as true now, if not more so, than when I first posted them.

A lot of us are going to be tested in the upcoming weeks. We are going to be called upon to do things that are outside of our normal routines. We will be tasked with rolls that are not our usual strengths, and perhaps even expose our weaknesses. Shanock is asking a lot of us and it's asking us all to step outside of our comfort zones. I wish everyone luck, and ask you to have faith in your abilities, and your ability to be and do more than you think you are capable. Our weaknesses become our strengths, and our strengths allow others to be held up during this difficult time.

Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Micah

Wed, August 12 2020 22 Av 5780