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04/10/2020 12:43:18 PM


I hope everyone had as enjoyable a Seder this week as was possible. Our family held a Zoom Seder with members of our family from across the United States.  While nowhere near ideal, it was nice to connect with people that might not have been at our Seder if it were held in person.

On Wednesday before Passover started, a group of us from the congregation met on Zoom to do a Bidikat Chametz (a checking for chametz) exercise. ...Read more...


04/03/2020 12:46:09 PM


For some reason the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles is in my head today. As the song says, “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay, oh how I long for yesterday”. It is amazing how much our lives have changed in just a few short weeks. How our routines and daily lives have been completely shut down and now we are forced to replace those rituals of daily...Read more...

From Rabbi Micah

03/27/2020 01:25:40 PM


At the beginning of the coronavirus I posted the following message on Facebook. For those of you who missed it, I thought I would post it here so that you could all see the message. I think the words are just as true now, if not more so, than when I first posted them.

A lot of us are going to be tested in the upcoming weeks. We are going to be called upon to do things that are outside of our normal routines. We will be tasked with...Read more...

From Rabbi Micah

03/20/2020 11:58:10 AM


These are unprecedented times in which we are living. Right now it is completely normal to feel anxiety and fear. The future is unpredictable. However, there is one thing that you can depend on - I am here for you, as is the whole Temple Beth David community. If you need to talk, I am here to listen. If you need a break from your kids and want me to read them a story, I'm happy to read to them. We have Torah...Read more...

We are here for you. 

03/13/2020 12:10:45 PM


The word “Heinnei” means I am here.  It is Abraham’s response to God when God calls out to him.  At this difficult time, know “Heneinu”:  We are here.  Whatever you need, we are here as a community to help you and your family through this challenging time.  Please feel free to reach out and lean on us for everything and anything.  From the practical to the spiritual.  Jodi, our board, this...Read more...

Act with Sechel

03/06/2020 10:41:40 AM


There is a Yiddish saying, “Ask advice from everyone, but act with your own sechel.”  As I have listened to advice and read articles on Covid-19, the bottom line seems to be to act with sechel, common sense.  We cannot truly control whether or not we get sick.  We might follow all the advice from the CDC and still get the virus.  However, it seems to me that the CDC really wants us to act with sechel.  We do not...Read more...

Mardi Gras and Purim

02/27/2020 01:07:11 PM


This past week on Wednesday I posted an article on my Facebook feed about the similarities between Mardi Gras and Purim.  (Go check out the article and add me as a friend if we are not friends already).  In my post, I make the argument that both Mardi Gras and Purim are probably unique religious expressions of a common, older, late winter/early spring celebration. 

The reason I find this so compelling is that I think it...Read more...

Psalm 27

02/21/2020 12:04:26 PM


I have found nothing is more paralyzing to us than fear.  However, fear can do one of two things to an individual, it can strengthen them or weaken them.  Our tradition offers that the way to make fear strengthen us rather than weaken us is to turn to God.  Whatever your understanding of God, God can be accessed as a force of internal strength.  Consider the words of Psalm 27 as an antidote to fear that weakens. It is...Read more...

Want Sticky Ideas?  Use SUCCES

02/14/2020 12:19:53 PM


This past week in Lunch and Learn we discussed the idea of what makes some stories resonate and stay with us and others fade away.  Chip and Dan Heath wrote a book called “Made to Stick”.  In it they outline six factors that make ideas and what we are told, whether true or not, stick with us long after their telling.  The conversation came out of another Lunch and Learn where we were discussing the fact that people no...Read more...

Lost and Found

02/06/2020 03:43:34 PM


Here is a story I came upon in one of my books.  I hope it makes you laugh and think.  I have my lessons I draw from this story, I leave it to you to draw your own…

Lost and Found

The old rabbi had left the room for a moment, then returned to his studies, only to find his eye-glasses missing. Perhaps they were between the leaves of his book? No. . . . Maybe they were somewhere on the desk? No. Surely they were in...Read more...

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