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Continuing Education Opportunities

10/22/2021 11:22:44 AM


Dear TBD community,

I hope that you have had a wonderful week. 

During our morning prayers we read the following:

These are the things which a person performs and enjoys their fruits in this world, while the principal remains for him or her in the World to Come: honoring one’s parents, bestowing kindness, arriving at the study hall early in the morning and evening, welcoming guests, visiting the sick, assisting...Read more...

Cheshvan, the Shabbat of the Year

10/05/2021 12:33:17 PM


Amanda Orgel Ferguson, a Temple president of Congregation B’nai Israel in Little Rock Arkansas, wrote an article for about the significance of the month of Cheshvan (click here for the full article).  Tishrei, the month which houses so many holidays, is followed by Cheshvan a month with no holidays save Shabbat. In the article she shares the following teaching from her Rabbi Bruce Block:


Triennial Cycle

09/28/2021 02:59:31 PM


The Torah is long. It is also packed full of information. The Torah contains 5,888 (or 5,845 depending who you ask) Verses, 79,847 Hebrew words and 304,805 letters.  Rabbi Akiba believed that each of these words and letters was vitally important and packed with meaning.  Akiba believed the Torah came straight from the mouth of God.  Since the Torah came from God he reasoned there could be no extra or superfluous words. He...Read more...

Being Able to Focus on the Good

09/21/2021 05:02:23 PM


Before we leave the high holidays behind us there's one final teaching that I'd like us to return to. On second day Rosh Hashanah I had asked Jodi Harris to deliver the sermon. She spoke about what would become our theme for Yom Kippur:  acknowledging our shortcomings so that we might focus on the good in all of us.

While the English understanding of the soul is that it is one thing, the Jewish understanding is that the soul is...Read more...

Simone Biles and Self-Compassion

09/17/2021 11:50:56 AM


One day early in his journey in the wilderness of Sinai with the people of Israel, Moses was visited by his father-in-law, Jethro. When Jethro arrived, he saw a line miles long of the congregation of Israel waiting to meet with Moses to adjudicate cases of civil import. Jethro saw this and said to Moses, “No one person alone can take on all the problems of society.  What you are doing is too much for one person. You are going to...Read more...

Redefining Success

09/17/2021 11:48:41 AM


How do we bounce back this year?  How do we practice resilience so we can overcome the obstacles in our way?  One answer I would like to propose is that we reevaluate our focus on what it means to be successful. Success should be the experience of satisfaction in accomplishing a goal.  When we are successful, are we often still dissatisfied?  If we do not feel satisfaction, then perhaps we are...Read more...

Responding to Suffering

09/10/2021 01:45:39 PM


There is a Buddhist teaching that if an arrow strikes you as you wander in your garden, it hurts. However, this initial injury might not signal the end of your distress.

Even if you don’t get hit with another blow, you might still experience pain again from that initial attack.  This second pain is called the second arrow.

In June we emerged from our homes and ventured out to our garden.  We began to feel a hope...Read more...

Using Ritual to Help Us Cope

09/10/2021 01:43:54 PM


Using Ritual to Help Us Cope

Where you are today?

Not geographically, but spiritually.

What words do you have to describe your spiritual state?

Take a moment and put in the chatbox how you are feeling. 

One word. 

Where Do You Want Your Energy To Go?

09/02/2021 03:22:38 PM


As we continue our journey through Elul I want to focus on those who have wronged us and the internal stress they may cause on our minds.  One day I was complaining to my father about some slight or wrong someone had perpetrated against me long ago. 

My dad asked me, “How much rent is so and so paying?”

Confused, I asked him,...

What Type of Forgiveness Do You Need to Employ?

08/26/2021 04:26:37 PM


One of the things I love about the Jewish approach to life is that everything is nuanced.  Forgiveness is no different.  According to Rabbi Dina Rosenberg quoting Rabbi David Blumenthal, not all forgiveness is the same:

The most basic kind of forgiveness is "forgoing the other's indebtedness" (mechilá). If the offender has done teshuva, as described above, and is sincere in his or her repentance, the offended person should...Read more...

Thu, October 28 2021 22 Cheshvan 5782