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Message from Rabbi Micah

06/26/2020 01:52:29 PM


This past week in Lunch and Learn we finished our study of the book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes is known as a part of the wisdom literature of the Bible. Our purpose in studying this book for the past two months was to see what wisdom it could present to us on how to deal with our current situation.


In the end, one of the...

High Holidays

06/12/2020 01:32:27 PM


This past week I had the opportunity to sit in on two zoom calls with the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR, the rabbinical union for Reform rabbis) about the High Holidays. The consensus among the congregations is that this year’s High Holidays will look different and most likely will require some type of streaming for us to gather as a community.

As you can imagine this creates a tremendous amount of fear and excitement...Read more...

Special Message from Rabbi Micah

06/02/2020 04:58:42 PM


Growing up in Los Angeles had its advantages.  I was able to see the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, enjoy the good weather and beach life, and be surrounded by a culturally rich and vibrant Jewish community which fostered me and helped me become the rabbi I am today.  As wonderful as that all was, as a young teen, I was also given a front row seat to the not so great aspects of Los Angeles,...Read more...

From Rabbi Micah

05/29/2020 11:45:46 AM


The first time I went skiing - I mean really skiing - I remember the next day I was sore all throughout my legs. Turns out I had used muscles I have never used before. Muscles that were weak suddenly got a workout.

I liken the last three months to a similar experience. Mental muscles that perhaps I never got to exercise before suddenly were being used in earnest. However, as any good fitness expert will tell you, you need to give...Read more...

Community Resources

05/22/2020 09:32:45 AM


In a crisis such as this, we may not know exactly what type of help we need or we’re unsure of what is offered.  We asked Cheshire Human Services to put together a list of local and state resources that may be of help to you or someone you know.  Please don’t hesitate to contact one of these organizations if needed.

Cheshire Human Services 203-271-6690 for general information and...

Din and Rachamim

05/15/2020 11:30:54 AM


Over the holidays this past year, I talked about Din and Rachamim - justice and mercy. I spoke about how we constantly have to balance between these two poles. Sometimes we need to judge others, and other times we need to be lenient and err on the side of mercy. If this is true of how we treat others, then it is equally true of how we treat ourselves.

For those of us working at home I worry we may be erring a little too...Read more...

Gordon Ramsay and Dr. Phil 

05/08/2020 01:52:55 PM


Why is it that Gordon Ramsay and Dr. Phil are so popular in America? You may or may not like them individually, but clearly these two personalities have a large following.  So again I ask the question, Why? While they can come across as crass, hostile, and even sometimes mean, I believe their approach shares one thing in common that resonates with Americans. While some could argue that we simply enjoy schadenfreude, taking joy in...Read more...

From Rabbi Micah

05/01/2020 11:41:41 AM


A situation arises.  We think of the problem and ask a question.  We ask the question in hopes that it will help us find the answer to the problem at hand.  However, very often in life the key is not asking a question, but knowing what question to ask.  Shabbat is such a time. 

Often the conventional understanding of Shabbat is that we are to cease from work on the Sabbath.  However, for the Rabbis of the...Read more...

To Everything There is a Season, Turn! Turn! Turn!

04/24/2020 12:35:07 PM


This past week at Lunch and Learn, we continued our study of Ecclesiastes. We studied chapter three, a chapter made famous by the song, “To Everything There is a Season, Turn! Turn! Turn!” which took its lyrics straight from the chapter. There were two verses a little further down that stood out to me that I thought I would share:


12 I know that there is...

Ecclesiastes - a recipe for how to deal with all that life throws our way

04/17/2020 12:18:57 PM


Shabbat Shalom!

Hope everyone has had a good week.  We have been very busy at the Temple with Religious School, Happy Hour, and Lunch and Learn. For the past few weeks at Lunch and Learn we have been studying the wisdom literature of the book of writings. We have studied Job and are now in the book of Ecclesiastes, which we will be studying for the...Read more...

Sat, July 4 2020 12 Tammuz 5780